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Step 1: Call to speak to a clinical specialist to discuss whether stem cell banking is right for your family. We’ll answer any questions and guide you through the simple steps to enroll. Following the call, we’ll send you our Tooth Transport Kit.
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Step 2: Bring this kit to your dentist the day the teeth are coming out, and your dentist will help you collect and send your teeth overnight to our laboratory.
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Stem Cell Collection Kit

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Biobanking Accreditations
Biobanking Accreditations

The enrollment packet includes:

Informed Consent.

The Informed Consent describes details regarding the collection, receipt, processing, storage, maintenance, required testing and use of dental pulp. It documents your understanding and consent to the services outlined as well as the collection of your dental pulp by your dentist.

Client Service Agreement.

The Client Service Agreement outlines the services provided.

Payment Authorization.

The Payment Authorization form collects your payment processing information and your authorization for billing.

Tooth Collection & Shipment:

If your dentist or oral surgeon is a Store-A-Tooth participating dentist, let them know that you will bring a completed Store-A-Tooth enrollment form or will complete one at the time of visit.

If your dentist or oral surgeon is not currently participating, it is a simple process for Store-A-Tooth to contact your dentist and provide them with the required information. Please contact us and we will contact your dentist directly.

The Store-A-Tooth kit includes barcoded labels that link the samples in your shipment to you (and the contract detail of your enrollment form.

Your sample will be placed in the Save-A-Tooth® cannister. The canister, together with a copy of your enrollment package, will be shipped by your dentist to our lab. Both the sample and the enrollment package will be barcoded to ensure accurate tracking of your sample from extraction to storage.