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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to provide a better understanding about stem cells and why teeth are an excellent source.

  • Does insurance cover this service?

Not yet. However, for other stem cells such as umbilical cord stem cells, some insurers and state Medicaid programs increasingly cover cord blood banking if a close family member needs it. By analogy, as the field develops, we anticipate insurers may cover dental stem cell banking.

  • Can I pay for this with my Medical Flexible Spending Account?

At this time, stem cell banking services are not a qualifying Flexible Spending Account expense.

  • Are financial aid programs available?

We offer payment plans and need-based grants, and also offer a variety of service options to fit your budget. Call us to discuss and together we will tailor a stem cell banking plan that works for your family.

Still have questions? We’re here to help. Call and talk with a clinical specialist today.


Biobanking Accreditations
Biobanking Accreditations